Dr. Ryan Crowley DDS, Dentist - Stanwood, Washington - Crowley Dental

New Patients

As a new patient you will quickly discover that our office is a great place to get the care you need.  Dr. Crowley will work with you to determine your oral care needs, a plan that meets your needs, and to ensure you receive the care you need. 

Your first visit will include a comprehensive exam with Dr. Crowley.  He will thoroughly check your teeth, gums and other oral health indicators as well as collect information to help determine a course of care.


What to expect at your initial visit:

At Crowley Dental, our goal is to help you achieve and maintain a healthy smile for life. Every individual has different goals regarding their oral health; your desires and concerns will guide Dr. Crowley when he is developing your plan. At your first visit, you will meet with Dr. Crowley for a comprehensive exam. During the exam, he will thoroughly check your teeth and oral health and gather any other information needed to develop your personalized plan. You can expect this appointment to last approximately 60 minutes. From this appointment you will be scheduled with one of our hygienists for the type of cleaning that is most appropriate for you. Dr. Crowley will review the information gathered and will have your treatment plan ready for you at this cleaning appointment. For more complex cases he may suggest a consultation appointment to discuss your case with you.